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Our customers are

  • commercial law firms in patent law,
  • patent law firms,
  • courts & patent courts,
  • companies holding patents,
  • private patent owners and
  • patent offices.

We offer serious appointments in your office or at your location in Germany for free to discuss your patent related court case.

If your are located outside Germany we can arrange videoconferences for you for free.

Your matter only becomes chargeable if we get the order to determine your patent related experts.

We communicate in English, German and French.

For respective price ranges for your field of profession feel free to contact us.

Our value propositions

value propositions

Based on  a patent or utility patent we derive suitable experts regardless the language. Our deep-tech method and respective software is not just a standard AI-linguistics-algorithm system for patent documents. It can model products and processes out of patent claims in connection to the whole patent content and further specialist literature. Therefore, it understands patent claims in a real technical sense. After the modelling procedure, the results are linked to a novel self-trained AI-knowledge database, which identifies theoretical experts. In a last step real experts can be searched and requested based on the theoretical results.

In a first entrepreneurial step we offer the related services as semi-manual task, which means that we type in your patent and court case related information by hand in the existing deep-tech method of a computer system. After that we feed our novel self-trained AI-knowledge database with those information to derive theoretical experts. If desired we offer you a list of potential real experts worldwide in addition.

Our future goal is to offer you a full software-as-a-service-solution (SAAS) which is controlled by you to find the right experts based on your own patent claims analysis with respect to the relevant court case.

Currently, our service with the mentioned semi-manual acitvities include a case-based payment-bundle. Once a full SAAS-product is available you will have the opportunity to switch to a monthly-based payment-bundle which you can use on your own as often as you want in the paid period.

Our key partners are the Technologie-Transfer-Initiative GmbH (TTI GmbH) and further experts from the Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Engineering (Fraunhofer IAO) in Stuttgart, Germany. The mentioned deep-tech method and self-trained AI-knowledge database are the results of a Master thesis at Chair of Corporate and Intellectual Property Law from Technical University of Munich (TUM).