AI-services for

patent infringement proceedings & patent nullity action


1) Your client experiences patent infringement due to a product or owns a product which infringes a patent? Or are you a judge who needs assistance in patent infringement proceedings?


2) We analyse the relevant patents with our experts & AI-algorithms for identifying the right experts in theory and practice.


3) Use your chosen patent related experts to write expert reviews for court hearings for every level of jurisdiction. Increase your chance of winning the respective court case. Or improve your judicial decision as a judge.


4) Have the best possible expert reviews for a better & transparent price. Enlarge your network of experts for now and the future.


5) The deep-tech method and the AI-software of "property rights ai.gents" are the first ever of their kind to digitalise court cases in patent infringement proceedings through deriving the right experts from respective patents.


6) Protect yourself from unsuitable experts from old or unwanted insider networks. Win the case. Improve the judicial decision.

property rights ai.gents is an AI-supported service to consult you to find the right expert with the best possible expert review for a patent related court case.